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What to Know about Limited Liability As You Grow Your Business

Starting a business involves a certain amount of inherent risk. There are no guarantees that the founders of a company will get along, a product or service will sell, or market conditions or competitors will not create unforeseen problems. While entrepreneurs must be willing to take a leap of faith, […]

SBA Online Business Plan Tool

Thinking about starting a new business? This online tool will help you build a business plan. When anyone contacts us wanting to start a new business, we always ask what the plan is for their business. Developing a business plan will help you determine the feasibility of your company. The […]

Tennessee Business Taxes

When handling legal matters for Tennessee small businesses, we are often asked questions about business taxes. While, McNulty & Associates does not practice tax law or give tax advice, we do try to point our clients toward general information that may help answer some of the questions that arise. We always recommend […]

Business Services at McNulty & Associates

With the addition of Luke D. Bottorff as an attorney at McNulty & Associates, the firm is expanding our business services’ practice. With Luke’s degree in Business Management from the Pamplin School of Business at Virginia Tech, as well as his and his family’s experience in the small business area, […]

Tennessee Rules of the Road: Following Too Closely

When reviewing accident reports from a car accident with injuries, we often find the driver at fault is cited for following too closely when the accident involved a rear end collision. Below is the statute from Tennessee law that sets out how closely one car should follow another. As you can […]

Tennessee’s law on time off work to vote

From McNulty & Associates The Tennessee law below sets out Tennesseans’ rights for being able to take time off to vote. Most employers encourage their employees to vote and we encourage all Tennesseans to work with their employer to find a mutually agreeable time to vote. You should consider early […]