Business Representation

There are many factors for business owners when deciding who to retain to represent their business. Luke believes the most important key is trust. A business owner has to trust that the attorney he or she hires is going to provide professional, honest, and confidential services to the company. Luke genuinely cares about his clients and the success of the businesses. After watching his father run a small business in Middle Tennessee for 30 years, as well as running a small law office, he understands how important the business is to the owner’s life.

Luke D. Bottorff’s primary area of focus is business law . He enjoys partnering with small businesses, family owned businesses, and entreprenuers in the Middle Tennessee area and helping them with all legal aspects of running their business. Through the partnerships, they develop plans to keep the business out of litigation and ensure compliance with Tennessee law.

Entrepreneurs and their investors have certain legal needs that other small business owners might not have. Often entrepreneurs are developing a new product or service and need a lawyer on their team to not only help with start-up formation, but also risk analysis and other legal compliance issues. Additionally, the investor agreements are a crucial part to a new venture for both the entrepreneur and the investor. If the agreements are not specific or lack certain elements, it can lead to future problems, including litigation, that can quickly stall a new business.

Additionally, family businesses have unique needs especially when discussing the transition of ownership from one generation to another.

Luke’s options for representing your business range from helping start your business to representing you in an in-house counsel capacity. Some of the frequent areas of business representation:

  • Incorporation and Business Formation
  • Contract Drafting/Review
  • Employment Matters
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Employee Training
  • Compliance
  • Policy Creation
  • Business Litigation
  • Copyrights
  • Trademarks