Tennessee Business Taxes

When handling legal matters for Tennessee small businesses, we are often asked questions about business taxes. While, McNulty & Associates does not practice tax law or give tax advice, we do try to point our clients toward general information that may help answer some of the questions that arise. We always recommend businesses obtain a CPA or tax professional when dealing with the specifics of their business tax questions.

Recently, a Q&A session was held on the U.S. Small Business Administration’s website (Click here for a transcript of the session). You can see that a majority of their answers are to seek specific tax advice, but there is some good general information that may help you make some tax decisions for your small business. There is also a great article about 6  business tax credits to take advantage of by the end of the year (Click here). SBA.gov has a wealth of information for small businesses, and we encourage our clients to sign up for their emails and check the site often.