Non-Profit Law

Starting a successful non-profit organization in Tennessee requires good planning on the front end. There are many types of non-profit organizations and if the goal is to obtain 501c3 tax exempt status, knowing the differences at the beginning is important. Luke D. Bottorff has experience forming the organization and filing the appropriate documentation to help the process move efficiently. Luke also sits on the board of directors for two local non-profit organizations, and consults with multiple other organizations on a regular basis. Keeping great records is important no matter what type of business, but even more important in the non-profit world.

Some common questions to consider when forming a non-profit are:

  1. Name of Organization:
  2. Address of Organization:
  3. Phone Number:
  4. Website:
  5. Email:
  6. Purpose of Organization (typically has an educational, charitable or religious affiliation):
    a. Will there be members?
    b. Purpose of organization to serve members or serve public?
    c. Describe purpose in as much detail as possible
  7.  Mission Statement:
  8. Values:
  9. Organizers:
  10. Board of Directors (at least 3 and should not all be members of the same family):
  11. Officers (need at least President and Secretary):
  12. Registered Agent Name and Address:

If you are thinking about forming a non-profit organization, Luke offers free consultations to discuss the process and how he can assist. Contact him today.