Business Owners: Contract Review

A recent blog post from McNulty & Associates, PLLC:

As business owners, do you have your contracts reviewed by your attorney before you sign them? After you sign them? Only when issues come up?

Many times we are contacted because of potential litigation over a contract, whether it is an employment contract, service contract, or sales contract. Once the contract is signed, it is very difficult to go back and overturn the agreement. If you are entering into a contract that could cost you thousands of dollars if there is a breach, doesn’t it make sense to spend a little money on the front end to have the contract reviewed by an attorney?

At McNulty & Assocaites, PLLC, we have positioned ourselves to be able to offer low rates to small businesses that retain our firm in an ongoing manner. Contract review is one of the main areas we are needed on a regular basis. Whether is is drafting a contract to protect the business, or reviewing a contract from a third party, we can provide you with the legal guidance you need. The attorneys at McNulty & Associates, PLLC also review other areas of your business that may help avoid litigation.

Contact Luke D. Bottorff today to set up a free business consultation and discuss our business review and in-house counsel options for your company. We look forward to hearing from you.

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